Why Serviced Apartments are Perfect for Tourists

Serviced apartments are all the rage among tourists nowadays. Instead of staying in a hotel, many business and leisure travelers now prefer these furnished apartments for short-term and long-term stays.

Booking Is Stress-Free

One big benefit of taking this route is that booking with these apartments can be done easily. Usually, the process is not time-consuming and you will be able to reserve a unit without much hassle as you would experience when booking a hotel. Just give them a call and you will immediately see what I mean.

Impressive Amenities

Serviced apartments are also far more practical because of the amenities provided. Features may vary depending on your chosen apartment but in most cases, you will get a nice dining area, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a classy bathroom, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a dryer, a cable TV, a telephone, and a good internet connection. Parking space is also available if you are bringing your vehicle with you.

To put it simply, almost everything you need will be provided there. This is definitely a place where you can relax, work or do pretty much whatever you want – as if you are really in your own home!

Need More Space?

Service apartments are typically more spacious, too. Compared with a standard hotel room, these apartments can assure you about 30% more space. That can make a big difference most especially if you are travelling with your family.

Privacy Is Assured

Serviced apartments can guarantee you with increased privacy. While staying there, it is even possible to entertain guests anytime you want. You wouldn’t even have to worry about room cleaning service and other hotel employees knocking on your door. Truly, these apartments pretty much feel like your home away from home.

More Affordable

With all these advantages mentioned, what’s even greater about this is that serviced apartments are significantly more affordable. You will spend lesser money and enjoy all the conveniences enumerated in this article. If you are staying for more than seven days then that means you will be able to avail of special discounts. You’ll be surprised to know that your overall fees will be reduced as you stay there for a longer time.

Just imagine all the savings you will get. There will be no need to spend big bucks for hotel room services, meals and other hidden fees. On top of that, the required charges are usually per apartment and not per person.