Interested in Knowing Nigeria? Here Are the Facts You Should Have

6 Interesting and Fun Facts to Learn About Nigeria

Located in West Africa, Nigeria is bordered by Cameroon to the Eastern side, the Chad Republic on the northern Section, Benin to the West and the Atlantic Ocean faces it to the southern side. That is as far as the location is concerned. That is what most people know about this country.

Other people knew about Nigeria because of the small cases of insecurities and information on the political upheavals the country experiences once in a while. Amidst these issues that give the country negative publicity, it has interesting facts which are useful to know. Do you think you already know everything concerning Nigeria? The facts below might surprise you:

It Is the African Continent’s Most Populated Nation

Nigeria has the highest number of people in Africa. With its population approximated to be above 160 million, it is ranked 7th globally in terms of human population statistics. A country that closely competes with Nigeria in terms of population is Ethiopia with an estimated population of 84 million. However, that is slightly more than half of the people in Nigeria. What does that mean? For every 7 people you meet in Africa, 1 of them is a Nigerian.

The population of the nation keeps growing. Researches estimate that it may soon reach a billion. The population explosion is explained by the fact that there is high fertility among Nigerian women and men. Additionally, they believe that the pride of a family is to bear many children.

A Multicultural Nation with 250+ Ethnic Groupings

Besides having the most inhabitants, the country is also known to have many ethnic groups. However, three tribes take the biggest portion of the ethnic groups. The three tribes are:

  • Igbo which is approximated to be spoken by 18% of the country’s people.
  • Hausa-Fulani takes 29%
  • Yoruba takes 21%.

Therefore, it is worth to learn Igbo translation if you want to be part of the country’s culture. However, the official language in the nation is English, which was brought to the nation by the British. Pidgin is a version of English that is widely spoken by the locals in Nigeria.

Nigerian has made communication easier for the people in the country. It suits all those who cannot understand the various languages used. Even those who have not received formal education can understand it.

Two Religions Dominate the Nation of Nigeria

There are two main religions that you encounter in Nigeria; Christianity and Islam. Christianity is practiced by 50% of the populations, while Islam takes 40%. The remaining 10% is made up of people who believe in other religions, including the African religions. In some cases, conflicts arise between those who believe that Christianity is the main religion and their counterparts in Islam.

The Longest West Africa’s River Is Located Here

The country derives its name from River Niger. It is said to be the longest River within West Africa region with an estimated length of 4, 180km. The river has its sources from southeastern parts of Guinea and takes its waters towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Country Has the Most Vibrant Movie Industry in Africa

The country’s movie industry is christened Nollywood. Recently, it was ranked as the film industry with the 2nd highest movie production rate after Bollywood, its Indian counterpart. Statistical estimates from researches show that 200+ films are produced by Nollywood each week.

The movies are a reflection of the rich culture in Africa and are a way to keep the African culture that is being threatened by modernity alive. Africans have a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the essential values in their culture through these movies. Therefore, they are an important part of Nigeria.

The Country’s Most Popular Sport Is Football

As a nation, Nigeria takes football as a national sport. It is an activity that attracts admiration from all the nationals. The sport attracts much attention in terms of investment. Apart from winning the AFCON on many occasions, the country has also participated in the global football event, the World Cup for several years. The country has many professional footballers playing their trade in European’s biggest leagues, including England, Spain, and Germany. As such, the country shines in the international arena when it comes to sporting activities.

There are other unknown facts about Nigeria like the fact that they are the largest crude oil exporters in the world and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, hails from there. You can still learn more by watching Nollywood movies. Generally, Nigeria is a beautiful country.